Child Parent Psychotherapy

Child Parent Psychotherapy is a unique intervention used with children who have been victims or have been exposed to trauma, specifically domestic violence. It is a relationship-based treatment for parents and young children that aims to help restore normal developmental functioning in the wake of violence and trauma. The CPP therapist works on restoring the attachment relationships that are negatively affected by violence.  Examples of symptoms displayed by young children impacted by trauma include:

  • Excessive fussiness in babies with difficulty calming down.

  • Emotional withdrawal and lethargy

  • Disruption of biological rhythms (i.e. not sleeping or eating well)

  • Developmental regression (i.e. not walking, talking or meeting other developmental milestones within expected time-frames)

  • Restricted affective range (i.e. baby/toddler/child  does not show excitement)

  • Detachment (i.e. does not show joy when with prirmary caregiver)

  • Emotional Dysregulation (i.e child displays violent tantrums and aggressive behavior and has a difficult time calming down)


To learn more about Child Parent Psychotherapy, please visit the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

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