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Payment Information

Payment Options

Pay with Insurance

We are in Network with several insurance carriers.  Including: 

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Our services may also be reimbursable with "out-of-network" insurance benefits.  Many people have this weaved into their health insurance plan without their knowledge.  Out-of-network benefits mean that your insurance company will fully, or partially, reimburse for mental health services outside of their in-network health care providers.  If you'd like to find out if you have out-of-network benefits, below are some questions that you can ask your insurance carrier.

  • Do I have out-of-network benefits?

  • How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network provider?

  • Is a referral required from my primary care provider (PCP)?

  • How many sessions per calendar year does my insurance plan cover? 

Please be advised that Turning Point will not bill your insurance carrier for out-of-network benefits. The client is responsible for payment at the time of service.   Turning Point will provide the client a "Superbill" which is an itemized list of services provided.  The client can submbit the Superbill to their insurance plan for reimbursement.  

Pay Out-of-Pocket

We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.  Fees and rates are discussed during the initial phone call.  We offer a sliding scale fee for students and individual financial needs.


We understand that dealing with insurance can be overwhelming.  We are here to help.  Do not hesitate to call us if you have insurance questions. 

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