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About Our Practice

There are plenty of therapy options available to you, so what makes us different? By our clients' report, we are a practice that truly makes a difference!

Turning Point Mental Health Center has been in business since 2015. Our group of clinicians believe that anyone in need of emotional support should be able to access psychotherapy services that reflect the most current research and trends in the field. Our clinicians have extensive training and experience. At Turning Point we offer psychiatric services, individual/family counseling, psychological testing and mental health case management. Our team is ready to work with you in finding emotional balance, inner strength and the skills to overcome challenges in your life. Give us a call to take the first step in getting to your "best self". 

Hi, I’m Michelle

Founder & CEO

Michelle Montero-Caicedo, LMHC, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Turning Point Mental Health Center.  Mrs. Montero-Caicedo has over 20 years experience in child welfare and healthcare management.  From 2005 through 2014 she was the Chief of Clinical Services at Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc., the lead Community Based Care Agency for foster care and adoption services in Miami-Dade and the Florida Keys.


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My therapist was not what I expected at all, in the best way possible.  I didn't get some 'know it all' doctor that spewed generic textbook knowledge.  I got an actual human being that I was able to relate to; he understood and listened to what I had to say.  He helped me find different methods to calm myself down and productively process my emotions.  Thanks to my therapist and Turning Point I was able to pull myself out of the seemingly inescapable rut I was in and I was able to take ahold of my life again."  


"One of the finest examples of complete mental health care in Broward County. From a staff that really cares and sees the person as a whole.  If you need help, or just need to talk to someone, this is the place for you to go to. From the friendly front office personnel, to the most caring counselors and therapists out there, look no further."  -  Howard


"I have been going to Turning Point for a few years now.  I had gone to plenty of other therapists before so I was feeling a bit jaded about starting again but decided to give Turning Point a chance since I hadn't gone there before.   The first therapist that I was paired with was Noah Goldberg, and I knew immediately that there was a difference in the therapeutic approach.   Noah was knowledgeable but also personable.  He became my favorite therapist and I felt comfortable opening up to him.   I felt a lot of more progress after working with Noah and working with Turning Point than I had before. I highly recommend this place "  

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
Taya close headshot.jpg
Taya Taube, LMHC-QS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Clinical Supervisor

Program Manager

Taya Taube is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Clinical Supervisor. 


Dr. Kramer.jpg
David R. Kramer, M.D.

Board Certified Medical Doctor


Dr. David R. Kramer is a Licensed and Board Certified Psychiatrist with over 20 years experience working as a Medical Director and psychiatric consultant for several mental health practices in the South Florida area. 


bio pic Noah_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Noah Goldberg, LCSW-QS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Clinical Supervisor

Noah Goldberg provides clinical services to children, adolescents and adults.  He specializes in depression, anxiety and issues with self-esteem.  


Alan Reitman PNG_edited_edited.jpg
Alan Reitman, Ph.D.,  LMHC

Doctor of Psychoeducational Processes

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Reitman's clinical experience includes working with clients that have chemical dependence and emotional struggles.   


Yvonne Haase_edited.jpg
Yvonne Haase, LMHC-QS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Clinical Supervisor

Yvonne Haase  specializes in couples, children and family therapy.    



Fonda Mosal.jpg
Fonda E. Mosal, DMFT, LMHC, NCC, CMCC

Doctor of Marriage & Family Therapy

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Mosal is experienced in working with a range of mental health challenges and specializes in the treatment of trauma.  She works with adolescents, adults, and couples.   


LaRhea Pinder, M.S.-RMHCI


LaRhea Pinder specializes in adolescents and young adults dealing with emotional and behavioral difficulties.  LaRhea also enjoys helping couples and families develop healthier interpersonal relationships.


Nandi Dillard, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker      Mental Health Case Manager

Nandi Dillard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Mental Health Targeted Case Manager for children and adults.  Ms. Dillard is passionate about strengthening our community’s youth and equipping them with the skills needed to actively work towards their personal goals. 


Jennifer Gonzalez_edited.webp
Jennifer Gonzalez, M.S.W-RCSWI


Jennifer Gonzalez works with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief/loss, relationship and family issues, and life transitions.


Tiffany S_edited.webp
Tiffany Schillaci, M.S.W-RCSWI


Tiffany Schillaci works with clients experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief/loss, relationship and family issues.


aqsa shaukat.jpg
Aqsa Shaukat, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Aqsa Shaukat specializes in working with children, adolescents, and adults with Bipolar Disorder, Depression, ADHD, and Anxiety.  She believes that therapy can provide guidance and support in finding solutions to life’s challenges.


Brenna Doering, M.A.-RMHCI


Brenna Doering strongly believes that all anyone seeks is to feel loved, respected, and accepted. As a therapist, her goal is to guide you through your healing journey, while ensuring you feel safe and comfortable to share your story.


Yoline L. Orelus, CBHCM

Mental Heatlh Case Manager

Yoline Orelus is a Mental Health Targeted Case Manager at Turning Point Mental Health Center.   She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Nursing as a minor.  Ms. Orelus has 10 years of experience working in the healthcare field.


Front Office Team

Valeria Gallegos

Office Manager

Valeria is our Office Manager. She is a current student at Nova Southeastern University pursuing a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Valeria enjoys spending time with her partner and their 2 goldendoodles. In her free time, she loves to read and watch true crime stories. She also loves to cook, especially Peruvian food, and trying new restaurants in the South Florida area. Valeria is ready to greet everyone with a warm smile. 

Yzabella Hernandez

Front Desk Support

Yza is our Front Desk Staff. She is enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, and responsible. Yza enjoys traveling and exploring new places. She also enjoys self-care and arts and crafts!

Head of Security and Greeter


Luna is a French Bulldog. She is our Turning Point "bundle of energy".  Luna is enthusiastic when meeting new people and is always ready to give hugs and kisses.  In her spare time, Luna enjoys sunbathing & eating blueberries.

Bob with bow tie_edited.jpg
Security Officer

Bob is a Dapple Dachshund with over 10 years of experience in security detail including home and office perimeter checks; along with the effective securing of belly rubs and treats from clients and staff at Turning Point. Bob always strives to put his best paw forward in all his endeavors. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks, barking at squirrels, squeaking toys and dog-friendly bacon peanut butter ice cream.

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